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Event FAQ

These questions are generic to all Fit & Able owned or managed races. Some specific race exceptions or changes will be noted where appropriate. Please check the main race information page for all relevant event details for each race.

More detail for some of these topics may be provided on your Event Policies Page. Please contact us at if you have any questions about any of our policies.

Participant Questions

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Packet?

Yes, someone else can pick up your bib as long as they have a copy of your photo ID. (A picture on a phone is okay.)

* If a new waiver must be signed at packet pickup in order to retrieve a participant packet, then no one but that adult participant, or a parent or legal guardian for a minor participant, will be able to pickup that packet even if they have a photo ID for them. 

Can we register as a team?

Yes, we love teams. In fact, when you create or join a Charity Race Team (between 2 - 50 members) you can get incremental refunds of your registration fee as the team grows AND new members can get a discount on their registration too! When you start the registration process, look for the "Join Team" button. Then select the team you want to join or create a new team. * More details are provided on each race site.

How can we save money on your races?

In addition to the sales and promo codes for our races there are many ways to save money too. * More details for all of these options are available on each race site. 

1. Register Early: Don't wait to register. If you think you want to run, sign up right away to lock in the very best pricing. Don't worry, you're protected by our ridiculously generous (and unique) refund/transfer/deferment policy in case you have a change in plans closer to race day.

2. Help Out: We always need volunteers to help at our races and for people to spread the word to get other runners to sign up. All volunteers (except those working for community service house) receive a $15 registration credit to a future Fit & Able race of their choice.

3. Invite Others to Join You: When you get your friends and family to sign up and race with you you can earn some portion of your registration fee back. Just use the unique referral code provided after you sign up and send it to everyone you know!

4. Create a Charity Race Team: Teams are a great way to get groups to participate together. As team members sign up, at different thresholds, existing team members will receive increasing refunds of their registration fees and future team members will receive a corresponding discount on their registration. 

5. Fundraise for Charity: You can get $25 back on your registration fee if you raise at least $250 to support Fit & Able or one of the other participating charities, if any. You just nee to check that option when setting up a fundraising page so that you will automatically receive the credit when you hit the goal.

Are kids strollers allowed?

Yes, parents are allowed to push small children in strollers or carry them in a backpack. However, not all Fit & Able events are suitable for parents to push their young children in strollers. This may be due to the course terrain or other safety reasons. All events that allow kids in strollers will clearly indicate that.

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, strollers, roller skates and roller blades are not permitted on the course. Parents can push small children in a stroller but MUST register them under the “Kids in Strollers” option. Small children without a bib number will not be allowed on the course. 

Parents may not push children 5 years or older in a stroller unless that child has a disability. All children in a stroller, regardless of age, must be registered using the "Kids 5 & Under" registration option using their own name and birthday (not a parent's!). We need to know who is on the course and have a signed waiver for them. These children will receive a number at packet pickup after parents have signed a waiver for the child. Children in strollers who do not have a number will not be allowed on the course.

My young child wants to do the fun run but can't run by himself. Do I (the parent) need to sign up too?

Yes. Anyone running on the race course, even if only escorting a small child, must register for the race. This way we know who we are responsible for on the course and who has signed the liability waiver. Runners without a bib number will not be allowed on the course.

Can I wear my headphones?

Headphones (iPods, mp3 players, CDs, tape walk mans, radios, etc.) are highly discouraged for safety reason. Please ensure that you are aware of other runners, vehicles and safety personnel at all times and can quickly respond to any communications from them.

What are the age restrictions for each race?

Participants must meet the minimum age requirement (calculated by age on December 31st of the event year) in order to participate:

  • Marathon requires runners to be at least 18 years old
  • Half Marathon requires runners to be at least 16 years old
  • Marathon Relay requires runners to be at least 14 years old
Age requirements are based on regulations by IMMDA (International Marathon Medical Directors Association). For further information and background, see: IMMDA Advisory Statement on Children and Marathoning.

Can we check our bags on race day?

No, we do not have bag check at any Fit & Able races.

Is this course wheelchair friendly?

Although Fit & Able strives to produce events that are all-inclusive for participants of any age, skill level, or ability, not all events are suitable for people in wheelchairs or requiring other mobility aids. This may be due to the course terrain or for other safety reasons. However, it is ultimately up to the participant to determine if their equipment will be able to handle the course and will be allowed to participate if they so choose. 

Fit & Able uses both public and private venues to host events and has limited to no ability to modify these venues to accommodate participants with different mobility needs.

Are dogs allowed to run with owners?

Dogs are not allowed to participate with owners in most races unless otherwise stated on an event's information page. Mutts & Marshmallows and Pups & Pastries are our ONLY dog-friendly events. Service and support dogs are allowed but owners must have proper documentation with them.

Fit & Able has two pet-friendly events where owners can run with their dogs but dogs are generally not allowed in any other events. Approved service animals are allowed to participate in all races; owners must have appropriate documentation. Please send an email to with the subject line “Special Accommodation Request”. Please note that all special requests are due no later than 14 days prior to the in-person event.

Will this be a timed race?

Yes, all Fit & Able events are chip timed with posted results. Please make sure you properly wear your bib number on your chest (unobstructed by jackets, race belts, etc.) so that our backup timing system will still capture your finish time even if your timing chip falls off during the race.

Where can I find the results?

Results will be available in multiple places:

  • Preliminary results will be posted live on the race site during the event. Just go to the page and click the "Results" on menu.
  • Finalized results will be emailed to all participants after the race (provided we have a valid email address).
  • Results will be included in the description on the Facebook photo album.
  • Results for all past races are available at under the "Results" menu item.

Why aren’t there a lot of pictures of me showing up in the albums?

While we try to get a great race photo before the race, on the course, or at the finish line we cannot guarantee that we will, even where we have static camera taking photos of each passing participant. Even when we do capture a photo there are many reasons why we cannot post it online, such as focus, exposure, obstruction, anything inappropriate or unappealing, etc. 

Photos posted to any photo album on RunSignUp sites are automatically tagged by bib number IF it is clearly visible on the front of your shirt! The tagging system isn't perfect and may incorrectly tag you in other photos or miss photos you are in if the bib numbers aren't clear.

Is this a certified course?

Currently, no Fit & Able courses are officially USATF certified. This may affect your ability to use your recorded time from a Fit & Able event to qualify for another race. However, all of our courses are measured using mapping services and calibrated measuring instruments. 

Are there water stations on the course?

All courses have water stations. The locations of the water stations depend on the course design and venue, but will generally be located at key turnaround points and at the finish line. Gatorade may be available at aid stations for longer races (half-marathon and greater).

* Water stations may use either bulk water coolers with cups or small individual water bottles depending on needs and local health and safety rules. 

Are elevation maps of the race course available?

Fit & Able tries to provide the best possible resources to participants but the availability of maps with elevation data will depend on the event. 

I'm trying to achieve a certain time. Do you provide race pacers?

Fit & Able currently does not provide runners you can pace with for any race.

What is your refund, transfer, or exchange policy?

After registration all sales are final and there are no refunds. Transfers, deferrals, and exchanges to a race within one year of the original registration are available upon request no later than 48 hours prior to race day. If you have questions please contact us at

If local officials do not allow the in-person race to go forward as planned the event WILL NOT BE CANCELLED entirely. All participants will be transferred to the virtual race by default but will have the option to either (1) DEFER their registration to the next year’s race, (2) TRANSFER their registration to any of our other races (of similar or shorter distance) before then, (3) EXCHANGE their registration with another runner, or (4) CONVERT it to a donation if they prefer not to race virtually. Participants must let us know which option they prefer by the originally schedule in-person race date. Refunds are not available.

I want to run in multiple races at an event. Do I need to register for all of them?

Yes, each race is separate. For example, if you're signing up for the 5K but want to also run the mile, you will need to register and pay for both. Some events may include a Buy 1 Get 1 option, but those events will specifically indicate that special.

Volunteer Questions

I signed up to volunteer on the race site. When will I receive instructions about the event?

Thank you for volunteering! Without volunteers like you we wouldn't be able to stage great events.

You will receive volunteer information and instructions the week prior to the event at the email address you used to sign up. Depending on the event there could be one or more messages that you need to read. So please be on the look out for these emails in your inbox! The messages will include the date and time of the event, the event schedule, your volunteer responsibilities and location, and the contact information for the Race Director and Volunteer Coordinator.

Sponsorship Questions

My company would like to sponsor an event. How can we do that?

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Fit & Able event! If you want to sponsor a Fit & Able-owned event, please contact us at * We can only accept sponsorships for Fit & Able owned events. 

What is included with a sponsorship?

Sponsorships are available for both an annual basis and a per-event basis. Fit & Able offers different sponsorship levels for each, which determines what is included with your sponsorship. The various sponsorship levels may include (but aren't limited to):

  • Recognition on social media, email newsletters, race registration site, and at the event
  • Booth and banner space at the event
  • Special offers to participants

Donation Questions

I like what you're doing and want to support the cause! How can I make a donation?

Supporting Fit & Able

Thank you for supporting Fit & Able! If you'd like to make a donation to Fit & Able, you have a few options.

1. Online: If you prefer quick and convenient, all Fit & Able registration sites for each race have a donation system. Processing fees may apply. Just look for the "Donate" button at the top of the site or in the menu and you will be able to access the donation portal.

Alternatively, you can support Fit & Able online by using the DonorBox portal: [link TBD]. You will have the option of paying the processing fee or having it deducted from the donation.

2. By Mail: If you'd rather not pay online processing fees you may make a donation by check.

Please make the check out to Fit & Able Productions, Inc. and mail to:

150 Wrenn Dr., #2171
Cary, NC 27511

Supporting Affiliated Organizations

If you'd like to make a donation to one of the other nonprofit organizations we stage races for, you have a few options.

1. Online: If you prefer quick and convenient, all Fit & Able registration sites have a donation system for the nonprofit we are serving. In just a few clicks you can support your favorite causes. Processing fees may apply. Fit & Able collects these donations and sends them on to the recipient organization following the event.

Alternatively, many of these organizations have online donation systems on their respective websites for your convenience.

2. By Mail: If you'd rather donate by check, you can find the organization's mailing address and donation instructions on its website. We will post that information if we are able.

Please don't mail donation checks for these organizations to Fit & Able!

Vendor Questions

Can my business be part of Fit & Able events?

Yes, and we would love to have you! Vendors and exhibitors are welcome to setup and engage with participants and spectators during the event. All you need to do is register your company under the Event Vendor option on the main race site. * Exhibitor booth availability may depend on the race venue and local health and safety rules. 

If you would like your company to have an even greater presence and recognition with the event we also have sponsorships available too!

What do we need to do to have a booth?

Fit & Able will provide the space and the crowd but vendors need to bring their own tents, tables, chairs, power, and anything else they will need for their booth and displays. Depending on the event some items may be available to rent. Exhibitors will also need to arrive onsite and be setup by the time required before participants and spectators arrive. * Details will be sent the week before the event.

Fit & Able may require a third party insurance certificate from vendors depending on what they are doing at the event.

We hope you found an answer to your question here. If you didn't, please email your question to and we will get back to you shortly.